Technology – a Blessing or a Curse?

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Technology – a Blessing or a Curse?

In the modern age we live in, it is no wonder that so many events are turning to the use of technology to help give their clients the best experience possible. With the Corona virus dictating what we can and cannot do, technology has stepped up in place of real-life events. Weddings have been held over Zoom calls; pub quizzes are now interactive PC games. Are events changing because of the Corona virus and can we expect to see more technology being used in the events industry? Perhaps, when this is all over, we will see more guests who would otherwise not be able to attend an event (possibly due to illness or distance), beginning to attend them virtually. Is this the start of something incredible? Or is it all a little too futuristic? Technology can be, at times, unpredictable- so is the use of technology in events really a blessing, or is it a curse in disguise?

Make it Personal
It goes without saying that an event is much more than just the day itself. There is so much leading up to the main event, that communication is essential to make sure it runs as smoothly as it possibly can. In the days, months and even years leading up to an event, it is essential that you keep communication between your clients, attendees, and anyone else involved strong. Here, you can use technology to your advantage by building great communication bridges between you and your clients. One thing you have to make sure, is that you are utilising the technology you have to the best of its abilities. For instance, you need to ensure you are using personalised and relevant platforms to communicate with your clients. If someone feels they are just getting a generic E-mail from you, for example, they may feel a lot less involved in the event taking place. So, make it personal!

Lights, Camera, Action
Technology can give you the upper hand when hosting events that really need to go above and beyond ‘ordinary.’ Lighting and sounds can be manipulated and leave a lasting impression on the attendees of your event. Along with this, VR (virtual reality) can also be put in place at your event to give anyone who goes a unique experience that they will never forget. Your event is all about the atmosphere, so make sure you really ‘wow’ everyone with your ‘out of this world’ techno magic – they will be sure to remember you when they are planning to host their next event.

As we have mentioned, an event isn’t all about the day itself. Quite often, the magic actually happens before and after. For this very reason, cameras are essential. Whether they are to shoot some fantastic video footage of the main event, or to capture the venue beforehand, this use of technology will be invaluable to you. Cameras help to capture the memories you will be creating for your client and they will respect you even more as a business for adding this feature in,

The Show Must Go On
All the things we have mentioned so far are fantastic. They are great examples of really using technology to impact and make your event memorable. However, what happens why the tech doesn’t do quite what it’s meant to? Sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan (like the whole of this year – right?) but, by adding technology into the mix you’re adding even more to the ‘potentially could go wrong’ pile.

Overall, it would seem that the use of technology for your events is probably worth its weight its gold. However, it is still important to weigh up the benefits with the negatives for every individual client. Remember, not all your clients are going to be as up to date with the modern world – so you need to make sure you adjust to each individual needs. That being said, in today’s current climate, technology has been used in so many creative ways to keep families together and events running -albeit slightly differently to what we are used to. Now more than ever, communication is key and technology has allowed us to keep all lines open.

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