Planning the Staff Christmas Party; Help is at hand

Planning the Staff Christmas Party; Help is at hand

I know this post is sort of late. Most of you, who have the dreaded responsibility of organising the annual staff crimbo do, will have already booked it by now. However, for any of you still in search for something to keep the boss and the minions happy then we have some cracking ideas to get you started. Don’t worry we don’t have a ‘Best Christmas Jumper’ suggestion in sight!

  1. River cruise

One of my absolute favourites, numbers of guests and budget dependent, is a river cruise with dinner or canapés and a disco. The anticipation of a boat ride gets even the most miserable, in the mood for a bit of out of hours socialising.  Make it even more special by setting a dress code and . If you’re not the most organised then ask one of the PAs to lend a hand because timings are absolute crucial. No point in planning a midnight cruise if half the staff are stuck on ground because you’ve not given out the correct info! Erm, actually upon seconds thoughts, if you are that bad at planning then maybe go for one of the other options!


  1. Day at the races 

Does anything say ‘boss spoiling the team’ more than a day at the races. A champagne reception with canapés followed by the boss praising staff for all the hard work followed by a wee spot of having a frolic on the horses. End with a nice three course meal and send them off packing well fed and watered.  This one is great for the more conservative and mature office crew who don’t want to party into the wee hours.


  1. Hire a bar

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Hire a good sized bar which offers a Christmas package of canapés and bowl food. The venue should be able to provide a DJ. Ask to speak with the DJ first and brief them on the audience. You can always ask staff to submit a song they’d like to hear to ensure that there’s a good mix of music that appeals to all. Put on a couple of hours free bar and Bob’s your uncle. This one is tried and tested with the younger office crowd.


  1. Themed Christmas do

Iconic venues such as London Dungeon or London Aquarium offer cool themed Christmas parties. Staff will enjoy the venue’s key attractions as well as a lavish three course meal with spectacular scenery. These spaces are often shared with other companies which just adds to the fun and Christmas spirit especially when the disco gets started.


  1. Hotel party

For the more traditional Christmas party planner. Whether you are looking for a shared party or a bespoke exclusive event, most of the UKs hotels can accommodate all manner of Christmas parties. Themed or simple, a hotel venue lends itself to creating the Christmas party everyone will remember. You can set up an all inclusive casino for guests the indulge in, a winter wonderland white cool do or even a murder mystery dinner Sherlock Holmes style. The ideas are endless!


No matter what type of party you plan, ensure you put on sufficient food! Christmas parties are notorious for too much drinking and staff getting, let’s say, over familiar. Remember to keep entertainment appropriate to your attendees and choose locations with good transport links.


Share your Christmas party tips with us if you dare!


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