Latest Government Guidance: All Weddings Taking Place Over Lockdown Period Banned

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Latest Government Guidance: All Weddings Taking Place Over Lockdown Period Banned

In a public address to the British public on the evening of 23rd March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson enacted a ‘lockdown’ status on people leaving their homes, in order to help combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes the immediate ban of all gatherings of two or more people, unless they live together. As a result, all weddings, baptisms and religious ceremonies other than funerals are banned.

If your wedding or blessing was booked any time in the next four weeks, take a deep breath. Have a cry and pour yourself a drink. It’s OK to be upset, angry and frustrated – you’re only human! There’s no doubt about it: this absolutely sucks, but it’s time to harness some of your ill feeling and invest into re-planning, like a boss. How? Follow these steps.

  1. Re-book your venue

If your venue hasn’t yet contacted you, get in touch with them today. They may not be able to advise you on specific details just yet, as they’ll still be digesting last night’s news, but as a minimum, you can ask for visibility on dates still available – be that later this year, or the same/similar date next year. Now isn’t the time to stick your head in the sand or wait on this: a LOT of other couples will be re-booking too, so get in and get a date that works for you while you can!

  1. Contact your suppliers

It’s likely that your suppliers have already shut up shop, but in case they haven’t, confirm your cancellation to them. Let them know of your potential future date for the event and again, enquire about availability then. If they’re not available, don’t panic! Nothing is set in stone yet and if every supplier bar one or two can make it, you can always switch them up.

  1. Talk to your guests

Your guests will have probably already guessed that your wedding won’t be going ahead as planned, but a quick note to confirm is best. You don’t need to give any further information at present but let them know you will be re-booking as soon as you’re able and you’d still love them to spend your big day with you.

  1. Stay positive

It’s difficult to see right now, but there are positives in this situation. By cancelling your wedding, you are saving lives and will still get to celebrate your love with your friends and family. You may even be able to use suppliers you liked that you weren’t otherwise able to, have loved ones attend who couldn’t make the first date and change things around to suit you better! It’s going to be a story to tell in the future, sure: but you can rest assured that you’re sitting on the right side of history and doing the right thing by postponing.


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