How to prepare before your big event

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How to prepare before your big event

No one wants to feel flustered and not in control before a major event.

Here at Bumble Events we’ve been around the event planning block a bit so we’ve rustled up some tips to help you feel serene and in control on D-Day.

  1. Plan to finish any running around one full day before the event. This will allow a bit of space to handle any last minute things that pop up.
  2. Go for a facial and /or massage the week of your event. Not only will it have you feeling primed and stress free but you can use the 90 minutes down time to think through your event and ensure you have it all covered.
  3. Run over your plans for the day including timings and who is doing what task. Make sure you have all the contact numbers you will need on the day. If you’re giving a presentation or speech then practice it a few times over so that you feel comfortable. If you are nervous about walking down the aisle or the first dance then get that music on and your wedding shoes and give it a try. You will feel ten times more nervous if you haven’t had a dry run. If there is one tip you take from this blog then please let it be this one!
  4. Lay out everything clearly you need for the day such as presentation materials, exhibition props, and emergency wedding day kit. You will feel better knowing where everything is and be able to easily spot if you’ve missed anything off.
  5. Have an early night. It’s well known that we don’t fire on all cylinders when we are sleep deprived. Having a few decent night’s sleep will mean you’ll look and feel better as well as have the mental ability to cope with the stress of pulling off the big event.

We hope these tips are helpful and will keep our fingers crossed that all goes well!

Do you have your own tips for keeping it all under control?  Share them with us and we will be sure to pass them on.

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