Give your guests the WOW factor

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Give your guests the WOW factor

Now, as much as we don’t like to admit it, we’ve all been to an event or two where we’ve glanced surreptitiously at the clock or a watch, stifled a yawn or made faces the roll of the eyes across the table at another guest.  Or even the times when you’ve feigned a tummy ache or pretended the bubba is ill (I know that’s pretty terrible but we’ve all done it at least once……..haven’t we) just to steal away early and claw back what’s left of your Saturday night!

Now, cast your mind back to the last event that really blew you away.  The one that had you raving about it for days and the memories still have you chuckling to yourself.  The one where the feast was fit for a king, the champagne was free flowing (my personal favourite) and you danced the night away until your tootsies were sore………. you were greeted by a basket of flip-flops positioned close to the dancefloor so you continued dancing.  Yea – THAT event.

Everyone wants to host an event that leaves guest saying ‘Ok, the gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down’ (in terms of planning execution and not offering someone out!) and here at Bumble Events we live for planning the type of event your guests will love.

There are so many things that you can do to create a unforgettable occasion but, as usual, the Bumble Events team has narrowed down on the key 5 tips to help you give great WOW.

1.      The Invite

Ok so we know that everyone knows you have to send an invite if you want anyone to show up at your event but, bear with us here.  There’s a bit more to it than that.

Invitations are a great introduction to your vision for your event and really set the tone for your occasion.  Classic black and white on luxurious card can say that this event is going to be classic, sophisticated and formal.

A colourful postcard style invite with first names only can allude to an event that will have a relaxed and fun vibe.

Always an advocate of current trends and stress free planning, electronic invites are also increasingly popular and provide a cost effective and reliable way to share your event information with guests.  The options to filter for fun, floral, romantic, elegant styles are limitless and will ensure your invite reflects your event personality to a T!

2.      Make guests feel welcome

You’ve heard the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’……need I say more?  Maybe so for those in the back!

Whether this is a welcome drink upon arrival, ample car parking for drivers, a welcome gift at the hotel for out of town travellers or some blankets / umbrellas for guests to use in the autumnal season, the effort you put into catering for your guests needs will always set the tone for a guest that’s ready to celebrate with you and enjoy the occasion.

Again, you don’t have to go all out with personalised gift bags but a little gesture that says ‘we care about your comfort’ says more than any amazing venue and good food ever will.

3.      Get Creative

Caricaturists, magicians and DJs are some of the staple event entertainment options that we expect to see at most types of events.  But, just think how great it could be to bring a little Cirque du Soleil experience to your event with a fire eater or juggler.

Outdoor games are always fun but imagine a set of bumper cars or carousel ride for the kids.

Entertainment doesn’t need to be expensive but it should reflect your personal style as opposed to what everyone else has done at their 40th birthday party or wedding.  Entertainment is a sure fire way to get your guests talking about your event so it’s worth a bit of consideration.

4.      Leaving Gifts

Pack your guests off with a little takeaway (not the food type although we do love to go home with some tasty snacks) to remember your occasion.

There is a huge market for event favours out there but think about how many favours you have actually used and not stuck in a cupboard somewhere.

One of my favourite I received as a wedding guests was some Caribbean seasoning and a recipe for a Nigerian chicken dish.

Hangover kits are always a good one – an anadol, mini RedBull or coffee sachet and eyemask will go down a treat.  Another idea I love is a CD with your playlist, although, with the introduction of Bluetooth and music sites such as Spotify and Soundcloud, CD machines at home and in cars are rare these days.

5.      Say Thank you!

Tradition and etiquette still have a place in modern event planning.   Although thank you cards post wedding are dying out, it is still good practice to say thanks to your guests for coming and celebrating with you.  Whether it’s by email, phone call or card, the act of saying to your guests ‘we appreciate you coming’ will leave your guests with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

A visit to elderly guests (if time permits) is always welcome and shows you were raised from good stock!

We know tere are so many great ideas on how to keep your guests event happy so please share your ideas with us!

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