Down on bended knee

Down on bended knee

Hot off the whirlwind that was Valentines day……our Instagram and Facebook timelines have been flooded with pics of all of the V-Day proposals and shiny bling to boot.  Since we love getting involved in whatever’s popping we asked some of our followers to share their proposal stories. We will be doing a blog on what to do now you’re engaged later this week so hold tight until then and enjoy these stories that will warm your heart!



Beside the River Thames near Tower Bridge, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes and just stood there and he goes “well, take the ring then!”. I was too stunned and had completely forgotten to take the ring x



Conor proposed to me on my birthday but I kinda ruined it. Literally ten minutes before he did, next to the sea on our way to the Isle of Wight, Howard from Take That called me during his beautiful world tour rehearsals and sang happy birthday to me. I then proceeded to call everyone to tell them as I was so excited. I then had to recall everyone and tell them I was engaged. A little awkward but he was upper sweet and romantic x



I had the worse hangover from hell, had no idea we were going to Madrid. Nearly didn’t make the trip because I was being sick on the way to the airport! Made it to Madrid where I basically slept all weekend and he still proposed after I nearly ruined the whole weekend.



Midway through Valentine’s Day he mentions he is taking me out and I should get dolled up. He doesn’t usually make too much of a big deal and I was a bit put out that it was so last minute. To my surprise he had organised tickets for the Drake concert which I was ecstatic about. Just at the start of Drake singing ‘Best Friend’ he pulls out a stunning ring! I was sooo shocked that he’d managed to surprise me. I found out later my friends were in on it.



As always, we would LOVE to hear your proposal stories and provide our services in helping you plan your dream day!

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