Budget-Friendly Christmas Party Planning Ideas

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Budget-Friendly Christmas Party Planning Ideas

Are you arranging a seasonal soiree this Christmas? If you are, you’re likely looking forward to the festive season with equal parts anticipation and trepidation. If you’re feeling apprehensive about hosting a Christmas party, rest assured that throwing a party in the month of December can be a nervy experience for the most experienced of party planners, particularly making sure that everything comes in under budget.

As we know Christmas is one of the busiest and most expensive periods of the year to throw a party, we’ve listed here some key methods to celebrate the season without overspending.


Determine the Budget

Perhaps this goes without saying, but it’s always important to start off knowing what your budget is. Whether you’re arranging the party for work or if it’s a friends-and-family event, set yourself the maximum amount of money that you are able, or willing, to spend on the party. Setting this boundary early on, and religiously sticking to it, will ensure that whatever elements you decide to purchase for your party will be considered against your total budget.


Add a Theme

Getting creative with a theme for your party can help to streamline your event and can also help to keep a budget down. One of our favourites is a Christmas jumper-themed party – you can even hand out awards for the worst/most tacky jumper of the night. Other popular party themes include a masquerade ball, Gatsby glamour, fancy dress, or a Christmas classics karaoke. Adding a theme makes planning a whole lot easier, which can also help to manage any expected costs.


Food and Catering

If you’re throwing a ‘do that involves catering, be creative in who you can employ to work at your event. Do you know anyone who could assist with canapes or cocktails? It’s time to give them a call. Even if your friends don’t own a catering company, asking around might provide you with some useful contacts who can help hand out/refill drinks, or may even be a dab hand with preparing food themselves.

Also, rather than planning a whole spread or full meals, why not opt for smaller bites and nibbles? Less food means less preparation, fewer hours and less cost. Little canapes, topped miniature bruschettas and a selection of cheeses are small but filling options.

Haven’t decided on your venue yet? Take the time to shop around and call up some different locations. Ask whether they can do a deal on bar or food prices based on the numbers needed for your Christmas party. You might be able to negotiate a good discount.


Festive Tipples

Although many of us enjoy an alcohol-free evening, most of your guests will likely be disappointed if you haven’t thought about booze. Funding the drinks bill for your guests can prove to be one of the most expensive parts of your Christmas party, so if it’s a possible policy for the venue you’re attending, ask guests if they could bring a bottle of their own favourite tipple. If it’s not clear whether it’s possible or not at the venue you have booked, speak with the owners to see if they would allow BYOB at your event.

If you are buying in bottles for your event, consider choosing less expensive tipples such as prosecco, wine and beer, as these will go a lot further than spirits and mixers.


Inviting Your Guests

Depending on the type of party that you’re planning, invites may be necessary. Remember that email costs nothing! If you are going to send out batches of invitations, stick to paper and card for the most economical choice (you can even go recycled for an added eco-friendly bonus, plus recycled card is often cheaper than it’s non-recycled counterparts).

Digital invitations such as these by Greenvelope or Punchbowl offer a service for creative e-invitations that you can email to your entire guest list. More artistic than just an email, this also allows you to add a little creative flair to your digital invites while costing considerably less than a paper mailer.


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