Wedding Postponed Because Of Coronavirus? Fear Not. You Can Still Celebrate The Day – Virtually.

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Wedding Postponed Because Of Coronavirus? Fear Not. You Can Still Celebrate The Day – Virtually.

There’s no two ways about it: having your wedding cancelled is awful. You are probably, and quite rightly, feeling sad about it and that’s OK – you’re human! However, please don’t consider all lost. Your big day should still be celebrated, even if not with the event you’d envisaged and planned. Instead, pivot slightly and work on a new celebration: a virtual one.

The date is set, so message your guests and let them know you’d still like them to join you to acknowledge the day, connect and celebrate your love (even if you’re on the brink with your partner due to enforced lockdown in a small space!).

Pick a venue

OK, so we know you won’t actually be going anywhere, but why not re-name your house as a grand wedding venue? Surnames new and old combined with ‘Towers’ or ‘Chateau’ or ‘Palais’ make a great-sounding name… and funny pub names are easy to think of!

Send an invite

You needn’t spend money again on wedding stationery, but instead mock something up at home. Head over to the likes of and make up a graphic to email your friends inviting them to your new, virtual, party. Don’t forget to include a dress code – getting dressed up for the occasion will boost everyone’s mood!

Chat face-to-face

Video calling facilities are now mainstream and most people have them available on their phone of computer, so pick whichever one your loved ones can access the easiest. Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp Video Calling, HouseParty and Zoom all work slightly differently and have different features – play around and choose your favourite. Just because you can’t hug and kiss your guests in person doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to see you – and you them!

Send a party parcel

If you’ve got time to do it, why not send your guests a little something to accompany their party? A mini bottle of fizz to raise a toast, a CD burned with party tunes to dance to, a cupcake to devour or your planned wedding favours (if you have them already) all make for a lovely surprise and give people something themed to enjoy while on-screen with you.

Play games

You’ll need some imagination for this one, but a party isn’t a party without some games! Think Truth Or Dare, Two Truths One Lie, I Have Never, Would You Rather and Lip Sync Battle! By the time the postponed wedding date comes around, you’ll all know each other much better!

We know it’s a stressful time right now, but this will pass. Let’s embrace the human connection we can and still create memories. It’ll be a great story for us to tell in thirty years’ time… even if those hearing it do think we’re a little bad mad!


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