Thinking of a Christmas Proposal. Peep Bumble Event’s top proposal ideas

Thinking of a Christmas Proposal. Peep Bumble Event’s top proposal ideas

So, Christmas is fast approaching and in Bumble Events world that means sparkly diamond time otherwise known as BIG proposal day. Christmas proposals are only outnumbered by Valentine’s Day proposals but we will cover that nearer the time.

For those of you that are planning on popping the big question on the day baby Jesus made his appearance then let us share some of our personal favourite proposal ideas with you. As usual, we’ve covered tips for all budgets, as well as traditional and unique proposal ideas.

  1. Fireworks display

This one is a great idea if you are putting on a party and have some outdoor space. Put on a firework display with the grand finale being THE question in red sparkly letters in the sky.  This one is going to be expensive but guaranteed to be pretty amazing.

  1. Football match announcement 

Erm to be perfectly honest, I’ve not actually witnessed or organised this but I see it all the time on basketball half time announcements. I say all the time, I’ve seen it twice! However, if you share a love of sports and support the same team this could be a superb proposal idea. Even better if your team is winning.

  1. Blimp 

Similar to the fireworks, things up in the sky just scream out ‘I’ve made a huge effort with this proposal’.  This is for the those that don’t mind a bit of public show and attention. One to remember is DON’T BE LATE. You don’t want to turn up a few minutes late to see your blimp flying off in the distance.

  1. Mountain trek

For the outdoorsy type. Set off with a good quiet end point in mind. If possible pack a bottle of bubbly in the back pack for the big moment. An end point with an amazing view would be even better. It will just add to the euphoria. End the moment with a picture of said amazing view and ring hand. Finish bubbly and tread carefully on the decline!

  1. Restaurant with view

An oldie but a goodie. Try not to make it your local Chinese. Choose something a bit special with an amazing view. Roof top bars are always a winner. A good Michelin star restaurant will always pull out all the stops for this type of occasion. Do phone the restaurant and inform them of your idea. They will give you a good table, can arrange to take the ring and present it for you or whatever it is your like to do.

  1. Scene of your first date

Another universal favourite. I don’t think this one even requires any further explanation.

  1. On a gondola in Venice

Too cliche? I have a bit of an obsession with this romantic Italian city and believe that anything to do with love could and should be celebrated here.  Wrap up warm and huddle together with a glass of bubbly. Take in the beauty of Venice by evening and ask THE question under the stars. Nailed it!

​8. A little box under the tree

Can there be any other present that any loved one would want to open under the tree on Christmas Day? Nope we can’t think of any. Just be careful and only put it down there on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning when everyone is in bed. Not sure this needs saying again but just make sure the bubbly is not too far away.

  1. One to avoid

Be careful of the classic ring in the bottom of a glass of champagne. If they are anything like me (a semi-pro at champagne guzzling) there is a strong chance of the ring being swallowed. I’m not joking.


Good luck with the Christmas and New Years proposals.


Please share your proposal ideas or your proposals with us. We love to learn more and hear what makes it so special.

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