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Savvy wedding seating plan tips to save you stress

I’ve never known an element of wedding planning to cause couples as much angst as working out the seating arrangements.  Is it ok for Uncle Bob to be seated next to Aunty Sandra because they had a colossal falling out last Christmas.  Should you put Cousin Simon on a table alone with your boss (who you’ve only invited out of a sense of duty and in hope of a pay rise) because they are both belligerent characters who will likely offend your other guests before the day is out!

Not to mention where to seat the guests who you didn’t even want to invite but Mummy Dearest has insisted you accommodate them or risk the threat of being cut off from the family inheritance!

It can all feel a little stressful and get temperatures rising.  So in usual form we have thought of some handy pointers to help you plan your wedding or event seating a bit more peacefully!

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Faking the Cake

Did you know that having a show cake at events (namely weddings) is all the rage. Elaborate 10 tiered wonders, designed only for the purpose of a looking outstanding, are on the up. Why would anyone want a fake cake I hear you ask……well, let’s explore some of the pros and cons.

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January Focus – Bumble Events bite-size event planner tips – 2. Timelines

The second instalment of our January bite-size event planning tips for you aspiring event planners.

Timelines are an essential planning requirement and will always be needed on the day of your event.  A timeline will help you stay organised throughout the day and will ensure that everyone is aware of how the day is scheduled to run!

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January Focus – Bumble Events bite-size event planner tips – 1. Organisation

New year – new you. Do you have aspirations of becoming an event planner?  Have you set yourself a New Years resolution to finally look into taking your planning skills to the next level?  Well my friends, you are in luck! This month we are sharing Bumble Event’s bite-size event planning tips for those of you determined to make it in the event planning world.  This week’s we talk the whys and hows of organisation.

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Sun, Sea and Destination Weddings, Nov 21st 2016

With more and more couples opting to leave the rain and cloud behind in search of sunnier and scenery to seal their wedding deal, we thought it was timely to share Bumble Event’s top tips for planning your destination wedding.

This year we’ve been lucky enough to have covered weddings in beautiful San Antonio Ibiza, the chic shores of Marbella in Spain and the romantic & breath-taking Tuscany in Italy.  So, get a glass of wine, grab a notepad and pen and get comfy because we have some real planning gems to share with you.

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Summer menus – do you dare to buck the trend at your wedding?

So summer is upon us and we feel it’s our duty to share some key food and drink ideas to inspire our summer brides to mix things up a little.  Hashtag #NotEverydayTraditionalSometimesModernTwist also simply known as getting with the times.  I hear from so many couples that they need to serve this, that or the other because it’s expected.  Well I am here to confirm that it’s ok to have a little say in what YOU want and also start a trend or two in the process. Alright let’s go.

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Lastminute.com events – Breathe and read!

Tip 1.  Don’t. Okay okay. I know it’s harsh but if there is room to be flexible with your date, have a think about pushing your event back to allow time to plan. Planning without sufficient time means stress, lack of vendor availability, etc etc Obviously we know that life happens and sometimes there is …

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When plus 1 means plus 1 – How to manage your event guest list

Whilst British culture denotes that guests are quite polite and generally abide by our event rules (RSVP by this date, arrive at venue before 7pm etc.) our wedding guests from across the seas have proven to be ….erm….lets just say…less well behaved.

If you’re from West Africa,  Asia and the Caribbean you will be all too familiar with the premise that an event is a community affair and that an invitation sent with a plus 1 can often translate to mean plus 5 with partners and children.

Don’t despair….Bumble Events has some hot tips to help you manage your guest list.

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Five Top Tips for planning your wedding on a budget

Planning an event can be stressful at the best of times.  Planning a wedding on a budget can add in a whole new WHOA factor but it doesn’t have to. Bumble Events has come up with our top five budget friendly wedding planning tips.  You can thank us later! 

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