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Corporate Event Planning – Bumble Event’s rough guide

Hot off planning a corporate speed dating networking event the Bumble Events team thought we’d share our top tips for planning a successful corporate event. As an event planner for over eight years, I’ve found the best way to get through the stresses of planning a corporate event is to always be prepared with a bit of a checklist.  Whilst not a complete ‘how to’ deliver a successful corporate event (that’s our job), the following list will keep you in good stead through your planning woes. Let your inner planning wizard shine through with help from Bumble Events.

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How to prepare before your big event

No one wants to feel flustered and not in control before a major event. Here at Bumble Events we’ve been around the event planning block a bit so we’ve rustled up some tips to help you feel serene and in control on D-Day.

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Planning a children’s party. Eeeek!

As we hit the warmer weather we know that more people are encouraged to throw an event to celebrate a special occasion; first birthday parties, christenings, baby showers, weddings. Maybe you’re not even planning a kiddie’s party but just an event where the mini people will be in attendance.  We all know how restless children …

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January Focus – Our Event Planning Masterclass – 4. Soft Skills

The fourth and final instalment of our January bite-size event planning tips for all you aspiring event planners!

This post is a bit longer than usual but, trust me, it’s worth a read!

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January Focus – Event Planning Masterclass – 3. Budgeting

The third instalment of our January bite-size event planning tips for you aspiring event planners.

Budgeting skills are a life necessity full stop, but an absolute necessity when preparing for and planning your client’s events.  It will be your job to make sure you keep a check on all the little (and big) expenses and make sure there are enough funds to cover them.

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January Focus – Bumble Events bite-size event planner tips – 2. Timelines

The second instalment of our January bite-size event planning tips for you aspiring event planners.

Timelines are an essential planning requirement and will always be needed on the day of your event.  A timeline will help you stay organised throughout the day and will ensure that everyone is aware of how the day is scheduled to run!

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January Focus – Bumble Events bite-size event planner tips – 1. Organisation

New year – new you. Do you have aspirations of becoming an event planner?  Have you set yourself a New Years resolution to finally look into taking your planning skills to the next level?  Well my friends, you are in luck! This month we are sharing Bumble Event’s bite-size event planning tips for those of you determined to make it in the event planning world.  This week’s we talk the whys and hows of organisation.

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Planning the Staff Christmas Party; Help is at hand

I know this post is sort of late. Most of you, who have the dreaded responsibility of organising the annual staff crimbo do, will have already booked it by now. However, for any of you still in search for something to keep the boss and the minions happy then we have some cracking ideas to …

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Supplier Management 101

So, you’re planning your event and have chosen your vendors. Managing your vendors, known in the IT world as stakeholder management is critical to the success of your event. Your suppliers will annoy you, test your patience, challenge your professionalism, sometimes under deliver, run late, and the list goes on and on.

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Lastminute.com events – Breathe and read!

Tip 1.  Don’t. Okay okay. I know it’s harsh but if there is room to be flexible with your date, have a think about pushing your event back to allow time to plan. Planning without sufficient time means stress, lack of vendor availability, etc etc Obviously we know that life happens and sometimes there is …

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