Planning the perfect Valentines Date – your views shared!

Planning the perfect Valentines Date – your views shared!

With today being the most popular date night of the year we wonder how easy it is to plan the perfect valentines date.

We asked some of our followers what would make their ideal date.

Have a read for some inspiration!


  1.  This year we are recreating our first date!


  1.  I’d love a walk in the park followed by a picnic.


  1.  Mines a night in at home but with a proper sit down dinner with really nice food.


  1.  A weekend at a gorgeous hotel.


  1.  If no budget then definitely a weekend in Venice staying somewhere with the best views in the city. A nice quiet hotel with a good breakfast.


  1.  Dinner with a great view at somewhere plush…..oh, and champagne! Lots of it.


  1.  Well I love a bit of a smoke so a weekend in Amsterdam would do it for me.


  1.  I’d absolutely love a trip to the opera. I’ve never been and it’s on my bucket list.


  1.  A day snuggled up in bed with my wife where the kids bring us both breakfast in bed. It’s never going to happen though!


  1. I like to think I’m fairly adventurous so I wouldn’t mind doing something totally unusual like rock climbing or a ski dive. I’m being serious!


  1.  We are big kids so we are planning to go to an amusement park over the weekend!


  1.  I’ve finally booked us in for a Latin dance class. She keeps saying she wants to do one so I’m hoping this will be a nice surprise. I really hope she likes it now.


  1.  I’ve been single a while so I always take my mum to our favourite spot!


Oh, I hear you ask….. What would mine be? Obviously it has to involve champagne. But other than that I’m easy. A good dinner at home or somewhere with good views. Most of the restaurants are packed today so that isn’t fun to me. A weekend away at a spa would be perfect. Hint hint!

We love to learn new planning ideas so do share your ideas with us.


Have a great Valentine’s Day!


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