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Tip 1.  Don’t. Okay okay. I know it’s harsh but if there is room to be flexible with your date, have a think about pushing your event back to allow time to plan. Planning without sufficient time means stress, lack of vendor availability, etc etc

Obviously we know that life happens and sometimes there is no option but to plan in unfavorable timescales….so how do we get through this?

  1. Have a think about what you’d like ideally and then consider areas that you’d be willing to sacrifice.  If you’re planning an event with less than 6 months to go, it’s unlikely that you will be able to tick all your boxes….but not impossible if you have unlimited budget. You know the age old saying – money talks.
  2. Have an army of friends on hand to help. Planning anything at the last minute requires a lot of effort. To avoid burnout and anxiety, ask friends to help and divvy up the tasks. The offer of dinner or vino usually secures some eager helpers.
  3. Set decision deadlines to ensure you don’t miss out on vendors, venues etc by dithering and that you maximise your planning time.
  4. Hire an event planner. You may be thinking ‘oh here we go…the sales pitch’ but event planners have contacts and connections and can sometimes negotiate on discounts that you won’t be privvy to. They will be able to offer up some nifty solutions and ideas to help overcome the planning hurdles.
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