January Focus – Bumble Events bite-size event planner tips – 1. Organisation

January Focus – Bumble Events bite-size event planner tips – 1. Organisation

New year – new you. Do you have aspirations of becoming an event planner?  Have you set yourself a New Years resolution to finally look into taking your planning skills to the next level?  Well my friends, you are in luck! This month we are sharing Bumble Event’s bite-size event planning tips for those of you determined to make it in the event planning world.  This week’s we talk the whys and hows of organisation.

Get Yourself Organised 


Organisation is one of the key tenets of being an event planner.  Think how bad you will look if you miss a meeting with a client or a vendor and first impressions really do count!  There are vendors who I’ve vowed never to work with on the basis that they’ve missed meetings or not sent me the required information in a timely manner. Imagine the horror you will experience if you book the make-up artist for the wrong day and time or forget to tell the guest speaker the change of conference venue!   Your clients and vendors will start losing trust in you and will not be willing to continue with your services.

You’ll have to be organised in order to provide a professional service and minimise the mistakes you make.


The client binder

One of the best ways you can manage your client information is to get a binder for each of your clients. The binder will be a central place for your notes, contracts, ideas and any other information you collect for their event.  These files will make you feel uber professional and on top of everything during planning your client’s event. All the necessary info will be easily accessible and you can continue to add to it as you go along.  These will also serve as a good point of reference when planning a similar event.  You can read up ahead of meeting with prospective clients and be all prepped for any questions they throw at you!

What to put in the binder

This one is easy! Anything relating to the event you are planning should be added to the binder. We’ve detailed some examples below:

  • Your client’s information and contact details.
  • Your client’s signed copy of the contract.
  • A print out of the wedding budget.
  • Timeline and checklists
  • A section for each vendor hired.
  • Menu options
  • Décor style and theming
  • Floor plan and seating arrangement for the reception.
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