How to Plan the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party

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How to Plan the Perfect New Year’s Eve Party

It’s drawing closer to the end of 2019, and we know that come the end of December, you’ll want to see the new year in with a bang. So, how to host the ultimate new year’s eve party? We’ve compiled this handy guide to make sure that your New Year’s Eve party for 2019 is one to remember.

Party Games

The main highlight of your evening will be seeing in the new year, but there may be a few hours to burn between your guests arriving and the stroke of midnight. To keep party-goers entertained, consider getting everyone involved in some group games. This will not only keep your guests happy but can help to get everyone into the party mood. Plus, if attendees aren’t well acquainted, it will also help to break the ice.

Easy games to get everyone into the party spirit include simple games such as Celebrity or charades. They require zero props, and everyone can take part! Or, if someone is willing to donate their smartphone, Heads Up is a quick and easy app to download for entertaining group games. Pass the phone around the group and try to answer as many questions as possible displayed on the screen in the time allowed.

A more event-specific game, you can ask your guests to fill in their New Year’s resolutions on a slip of paper without telling anyone. Collect everyone’s New Year’s resolutions in a jar or bowl, and then get your guests to read out and try to guess which resolution belongs to who. You might be surprised!

Food and Drink

Most people are less worried about what they’re eating and more concerned about what they’re drinking on New Year’s eve. That being said, it’s worth buying in some small snacks and nibbles for your party to make sure no-one goes hungry. Canapes, cheeses, crisps, bruschetta and dips are always a crowd-pleaser.

If you’re feeling more creative, punch bowls and prepared cocktails like mojitos are great for large parties. Or, if you’d prefer to keep it simpler, opt for bottled beverages, prosecco, wine and soft drinks. You could even have champagne ready for the stroke of midnight if your budget will allow it! Just make sure you have plenty of room to chill your drinks and don’t forget the ice!


Even if you’re planning an intimate evening with friends and family, small decorations can still go a long way in creating the perfect party setting.

If you just want to add the basics, we recommend fairy lights, bunting and balloons. Just adding a couple of strings of twinkly LEDs can make a big difference in any space! Bunting and balloons are also low-effort ways to add extra colour to your room, whether it’s big or small.

If you’re aiming a little larger, consider adding more elaborate decorations around your space, or you could try displaying simple decorations en masse for impact like gold streamers and balloons.


Your party won’t go with a bang without them. If you know a reputable fireworks supplier local to you, it’s best to go and talk to them directly to work out which are the safest for you to use based on your available space. If you’re having a small party at home, they will be able to tell you which are category 2 and 3 (safe for domestic use).

Alternatively, there are plenty of websites out there which supply a wide range of fireworks. They should still specify online which ones are appropriate for which use, but if you’re ever unsure, ask via the website email address or customer services team.

When the Clock Strikes

The moment of the night that everyone has been waiting for – the stroke of midnight! Be prepared for the moment by topping up drinks so that you can all toast in the New Year. Invest in some party poppers, or if you’re having fireworks, gather the crowd around and hand out some sparklers for your guests to use. Finally, get your camera ready to capture the moment.

Plus here are all the words to Auld Lang Syne so you can lead the singing too!

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