Don’t Let Covid-19 Stress Interrupt Your Wedding Fitness and Body Goals!

Don’t Let Covid-19 Stress Interrupt Your Wedding Fitness and Body Goals!

Tempted to drink lots of vino and beer and wallow in comforting food?  A bit of indulgence is definitely good right now so why not treat your body to a bit of fitness activity? it’s

Instead of pacing up and down with anxiety and stress, why not put your nervous energy to good use and kick start your wedding fitness regime.  In no particular order, here are some of our favourites that can be modified for different abilities.

Walking is good, gives time to clear you head and think through ideas. Aim for 10000 steps a day. Perfect time to create a play list full of your favourite tunes.  If walking is too mundane and you want to rev it up a gear then do a gentle jog.

Feeling super stressed – try a bit of yoga. There are soooooo many online classes available either free or for a fee. Check out YouTube, Instagram and your local fitness centre website. You can master your downward dog whilst feeling all zen and ready to face the challenges of planning a wedding during a crisis.

If you’re exercising with limited mobility then check with your doctor first but resistance bands, hand weights and some body weight exercises can be done whilst in a wheelchair or sitting on the sofa.

They say dancing is good for the soul so why not shimmy your way to toned everything with a Zumba class. Again you can find plenty online BUT I’ve  recently rediscovered my Wii and the Zumba disc I bought 10 years ago! Really gets your heart pumping and your hips swaying. 40 minutes passed so quickly and felt like I’d had a good workout.

If you really want to blow off some steam then there are a variety of high intensity workouts (HIIT) to be found online. Lots of instructors use the Facebook and Instagram Live options to run their classes.  Google for some suggestions and try out a class or two. These short amped up classes will have you burning calories and your frustrations in no time.

Don’t forget to round it all off with some decent sleep!

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