I’m Meant To Be Getting Married This Spring / Summer! What Should I Do About Covid-19…..And When Should I Do It?

I’m Meant To Be Getting Married This Spring / Summer! What Should I Do About Covid-19…..And When Should I Do It?

If you’re getting married in the next few weeks, uncertainty is probably looming over your event, your venue availability and your guest’s capacity to attend. It’s a stressful time but realistically, as the situation continues to unfold and change, so too will the circumstances around your wedding event – and unfortunately, these factors are external, and uncontrollable.

Much of the stress of waiting to learn what will happen with your wedding is, of course, around the uncertainty of it all; and in some cases, the companies supplying your event will have no more answers than you will. That said, it’s important to remain optimistic and to treat all suppliers with care: they too will be experiencing difficulties and may be worried for their business.

In intervening and questioning your venue and other suppliers on the means to move forward, it’s worth doing so in a slightly wider time frame than you would usually. Whilst no one knows yet just how long it will be until life (and wedding planning!) resumes to normal, this is a sensible timetable to get the arrangements for your big day sorted.

If You’re Getting Married Between Now And The End Of April

First things first, and it’s easier said than done of course: don’t stress! If you need a couple of days to cry and be sad, take them. Then, pick yourself up and focus.

Before the end of March, we’d recommend contacting your venue and suppliers to enquire about re-scheduling. They may not be able to guarantee anything right away but should be able to supply you with their policies and procedures as a starting point.

Why not enquire about booking for the same date in 2021? That way your seasonal variations can all still happen!

If You’re Getting Married Between May And August

It’s understandable that you’d like to gain some certainty on your wedding, but in terms of priority, other brides and grooms will need to be dealt with first. Give it a few weeks and consider touching base with your suppliers thereafter.

If you’re expecting guests to attend from afar or believe yourself or members of your wedding party may be quarantined or self-isolating when the event is meant to take place, make this clear when you speak to suppliers: they may be able to grant you priority.  If you have guests who will need to travel from abroad (particularly from countries requiring an entry visa), this may also be grounds for a re-schedule as visa offices will be closed and are unlikely to grant anything but emergency access passes.

If You’re Getting Married After August

If you’re getting married post-August, there’s no immediate action you need to take. Instead, the best course of action for you to control the situation around your wedding is to keep abreast of the news, latest government legislation and keep in regular (even if informal) contact with your venue. Monitor things and set yourself a deadline to make a decision on going ahead around May-June.

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to take out wedding insurance to cover off any further delays or issues. It’s a ‘must’ when booking! Check out Dynamo Wedding Insurance, WedInsure or Emerald Life to browse their cover packages.

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