Corporate Event Planning – Bumble Event’s rough guide

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Corporate Event Planning – Bumble Event’s rough guide

Hot off planning a corporate speed dating networking event the Bumble Events team thought we’d share our top tips for planning a successful corporate event. As an event planner for over eight years, I’ve found the best way to get through the stresses of planning a corporate event is to always be prepared with a bit of a checklist.  Whilst not a complete ‘how to’ deliver a successful corporate event (that’s our job), the following list will keep you in good stead through your planning woes. Let your inner planning wizard shine through with help from Bumble Events.

  • Determine your event goals and objectives. Work out why you are holding the event and what you plan to achieve.
  • Work out when you want to hold your event..give yourself enough time to research, plan and negotiate with venues.
  • Search for the ideal venue that meets your requirements. If you plan on holding workshops, interactive sessions them you may need a space large enough for people to break into groups or additional break out areas. Ensure there is decent disabled access and good transport links to the venue.
  • Ensure your event is appropriate to the audience you are targeting, not just going with what the big boss likes. If you have a dynamic and energetic team then a less formal venue may be suited to your event.
  • Ensure senior stakeholder buy in. You will need the head honchos to be championing the event and ensuring that delegates are on board to attend.
  • Work out your budget and assign amounts to venue, food, entertainment. Have a look at what the company has spent previously on events. Get quotes from vendors, guest speakers to begin to establish likely costs.
  • Outline your requirements for entertainment, decor, printing, guest speakers,
  • Start an action plan, project plan or to do list. Whatever you are comfortable calling it just make sure you write down what needs to be done by who and when, and review it weekly!
  • Invite and confirm key note speakers.
  • Send out invitations by email with voting buttons for RSVP
  • Review any speaker presentations and event material
  • Ensure guests are given all required info such as maps, hotels, directions, timings, dress code etc. Think of what you’d need to know if you were not planning it. Have your delegate info sense checked by someone not involved in planning the event.
  • Do a walk through of the venue, check power sockets, AV requirements, travel
  • Arrange a registration desk for delegates upon arrival.
  • Have feedback forms or do a survey monkey after to capture feedback.  You can use the lessons learned to feed into your next event to make it even better.
  • Throughout all your planning aim for collaboration, minimise lengthy monologue and think of innovative ways to engage your audience.
  • For the social media savvy use it to promote and increase interest in your event or find a digital wizkid to help you.

Our main tip is that if you fail to plan….you plan to fail #thatisall

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