My entry into event and wedding planning was rather accidental and the result of working in an Executive Assistant role for the Marketing Director of a large global corporate services company ten years ago. I worked closely with the events team looking after all the corporate VIP events which really meant keeping the big bosses happy!


During this time, I planned and coordinated hundreds of events ranging from away days, annual award ceremonies and staff Christmas parties to sit-down dinners for 20 to 1,000 people.


I took the role simply as a way of gaining my IT project management qualifications (EAs were always put onto the career paths of their choice) and planned to jump ship at the first opportunity that presented itself!


However, I soon discovered that I LOVED event planning; being right in the thick of things, organising people, getting VIPs polished for public speaking, researching entertainment options and proposing themes for conferences.


By the time I qualified as an IT project manager I had a solid foundation in managing project financials, risk and issue planning as well as keeping key suppliers sweet and on track with delivering to time and budget. You can see where I’m going here right……? The skills complimented my existing events experience so well that I became committed to setting up my own events company. By the time I took on the role of bride myself I firmly believed that I had found my passion. With a diploma in Event Management and another in Wedding Planning, Styling and Design I felt armed and ready to launch Bumble Events.


Those close to me will tell you that I live for entertaining and hosting friends and family. I love to see my people having a great time over good food, music and the odd cocktail or three. I’m happy when I know folks are leaving one of my events with a smile on their face, stomach content and pictures they want to share with their loved ones.


It’s all of this that helps me to understand my clients’ wishes and integrate their vision with my expertise to create an event that is truly unique to each individual.

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