2021 – Where do we go from here?

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2021 – Where do we go from here?

How the new rules affect wedding planning and how you can get over ‘January Blues’

Firstly, happy New Year. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers go out to everyone, especially since Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday. Unfortunately, 2021 didn’t get the ‘new year new me’ memo, as we have started off the year in a seemingly worse situation than we were in throughout 2020 – thanks a lot, Rona! Sitting here in lockdown 3.0, we can imagine everyone is currently feeling a bit disheartened, especially if you have a big day to arrange.
That being said, where do we all go from here? Where do weddings stand since the new announcement and what do we do now? Well, we are sorry to say that not a lot has changed. Since September, when we released a blog post giving you your latest COVID-19 update, unfortunately the wedding and events guidelines have stayed pretty consistent. But, if you want a quick rundown on what is occurring, we have collected together some key information that you might need to know.

Since being plunged into a third lockdown, we have to endure, yet again, strict restrictions to keep ourselves and others safe. But, what about weddings? Well, it was beginning to look hopeful for those of us in tier 1 and 2, with small receptions of 15 people or less able to go ahead. However, since the announcement of the lockdown earlier this week, tiers are no longer relevant. With exceptional circumstances and up to six people in attendance, wedding ceremonies can still take place – however, if you don’t meet these criteria, that does sadly mean your wedding must not go ahead.

Until we get this virus under control, it looks as though all events and celebrations are to be put on hold, which is devastating news for couples who have been waiting for their special day. Don’t despair, though, you can still plan your perfect day. Some venues, planners and agencies are taking bookings for the coming years – and they are booking up quick! Remember, if you are going to plan a wedding, always take into consideration what insurance you might need. COVID-19 may affect what insurance you are able to take out, so always check the fine print when booking things for your big day. We have a blog post all about wedding insurance and COVID-19, if you want to find out more.

As if all of that wasn’t a lot of information to process, we also have to compete with ‘January Blues.’ Nobody really knows what to do with themselves this time of year – especially when we are also competing with a worldwide pandemic. If you Google ‘how to cope with January Blues,’ there are so many blog posts about it – but all involve traveling, seeing family and partying (as if we need reminding that we can no longer do any of these things…) So, we have collected together some, lockdown-safe, ways to cope with feeling a bit blue throughout January in the hopes to lift your spirits a bit during this confusing time.

Get some Fresh Air
Get your wellies out and wrap up – this one is a bit chilly! It has been scientifically proven that just going out for some fresh air will lift your mood. We know January isn’t the nicest of months for long walks, however, if you get wrapped up warm for a damp walk around your local park, this will clear the cobwebs away and wake you up a little. Since a lot of us have been forced to work from home, it is easy to forget to venture outside every now and again. Also, there is nothing better than a hot chocolate after a brisk, wintery walk!

Eat Well
After a month of picking out our favourite Quality Street and nibbling away at a variety of cheeses – our bodies are craving some nutrients. Don’t panic, you don’t have to make drastic changes right away – changing too much in one go will probably result in giving up; so, take baby steps! For example, try to reach your ‘5 a day,’ or have one vegetarian day a week. As you start to give your body what it needs, you’ll see an improvement in not only your mood, but your overall health too.

Get your Body Moving
One of the most common pieces of advice we found was ‘join the gym.’ Unfortunately, gyms probably won’t be open for a little while now as we all tackle this virus. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still get our bodies moving. In the UK, we are still able to go outside to exercise and can even meet one other person outside too. So, why not get together with one of your friends for a brisk walk, or start Couch to 5k together? Although it is still a bit chilly, your body will soon warm up. Our advice for exercising outside is to always stretch and wear layers!
If exercising outside isn’t your cup of tea, why not get into yoga? We recommend Yoga with Adriene – it is free and caters to both complete beginners and fully fledged yogis!

Try a Home Pamper Day

Spas and pools will be closed for the foreseeable future, so it is time to take matters into your own hands. Why not try out a new facemask you have always meant to try? Or give a foot mask a go. One of our favourite things to do is make our own body scrubs – so why not try getting creative?

Pamper days don’t have to just be about skincare and moisturising, though. A pamper could involve doing your nails, having a long bath or shower, tidying your living space or anything you see as a ‘pamper’ to yourself.

We know that this next year is uncertain, but we all have to do what we can to get through this. For now, if we are keeping our friends and loved ones safe by adhering to lockdown rules, then hopefully in the near future we will begin to see some sort of normality. Until then, we will keep you updated in the coming weeks on what is going on within the wedding and events industry – remember, you can still make mood boards, pin posts on Pinterest and plan your dream day. That way, when things do begin to look a little brighter, you’ll be even more prepared. Stay safe everyone, keep a look out for our updates and we will get through this.

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