Month: March 2016

When plus 1 means plus 1 – How to manage your event guest list

Whilst British culture denotes that guests are quite polite and generally abide by our event rules (RSVP by this date, arrive at venue before 7pm etc.) our wedding guests from across the seas have proven to be ….erm….lets just say…less well behaved.

If you’re from West Africa,  Asia and the Caribbean you will be all too familiar with the premise that an event is a community affair and that an invitation sent with a plus 1 can often translate to mean plus 5 with partners and children.

Don’t despair….Bumble Events has some hot tips to help you manage your guest list.

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Five Top Tips for planning your wedding on a budget

Planning an event can be stressful at the best of times.  Planning a wedding on a budget can add in a whole new WHOA factor but it doesn’t have to. Bumble Events has come up with our top five budget friendly wedding planning tips.  You can thank us later! 

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